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A letter from our leadership team

More Than Mom is different from other Mother's clubs and parent organizations in that our primary focus is the person behind the title "Mom". We support working and stay-at-home moms, and moms with children young and grown. In learning about the needs and desires of the moms in our area, it became clear that - with children and families often being put first - many moms find it difficult to prioritize themselves. More Than Mom is the result of our efforts to create a social community for women to celebrate being moms, as well as so much more.

We believe in investing in our community, our neighbors and ourselves through personal connection. Amidst busy lives, these simple values are often pushed aside despite plenty of evidence proving that fostering these areas increase the overall wellbeing of all of those involved.

Families are an important, inseparable part of our members' lives. We will always include them with plenty of children & family events. But the primary focus of More Than Mom will always be Mom-first. As the saying goes, "You can't pour water from an empty cup."

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